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Social Proof Getting Started Guide (Old UI)

Social Proof is a vital component of Dynamic Experiences, designed to assist customers in making purchasing decisions and finding value in products or services offered by Omnichannel Personalization. Through social proof messaging, customers are influenced by real-time data, showcasing the "popularity of the products," ultimately leading to an improved conversion rate.

To enable Dynamic Experience on the client site, it is essential to load the script client.js and expose additional Omnichannel Personalization variables. The social proof API provides event data, including the number of views and purchases, for the products displayed on the client site page.

Social proofing empowers the client site to deliver real-time messaging to customers, aiding them in making informed decisions about their purchases. It dynamically displays experiences, such as the number of customers currently viewing a product, items added to their cart, and recent purchases, creating a sense of urgency and trust.

Currently, the real-time social proof experience is available on the following page types:

  • Item Page: Social Proof messages are enabled on the product page using dynamic experience.

  • List Page: Social Proof messages are enabled on the list of product pages using dynamic experience.

  • Cart Page: Social Proof messages are enabled on the cart page using dynamic experience.

The social proof templates can be modified to change the UX design of the message box as per the requirement.

The Social Proof Getting Started Guide covers the following topics:


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