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Accessing Social Proof Campaigns

Accessing Social Proof Campaigns

To access Social Proof Campaigns:

  1. Log in to Omnichannel Personalization.

  2. On the left navigation rail, click  Social Proof.

    The Social Proof Campaigns page is displayed.

    On the Social Proof Campaigns page, click  on the corresponding row from the campaigns list to edit, delete, and duplicate the campaigns,

Creating New Campaign

To create a new campaign for social proof, click Create Campaign. This will open the Default Campaign page, where you can define the settings and content for the new social proof campaign. For detailed instructions, see Creating Social Proof Campaigns.

Editing Campaign

To edit an existing campaign, click Edit Campaign corresponding to the experience that you want to edit. This will allow you to make changes to the campaign.

Deleting Campaign

To delete the campaign:

  1. Click Delete Campaign.

    The confirmation window is displayed.

  2. Click OK.

    The selected campaign will be deleted from the list of campaigns.

Duplicating Campaign

To duplicate an existing campaign:

  1. Click Duplicate Campaign.

    The Duplicate Campaign window is displayed.

  2. Specify a new name for the campaign.

  3. Click Copy.

    The duplicated campaign will be added in the list of campaigns.

Viewing Campaign Details

Click  and  to expand and collapse the social proof campaign which displays the following details:

  • Variation Name: Displays the name of the variations created under the social proof campaign.

  • Audience: Displays the number of targeted audiences.

  • Add To Cart Rate: Displays the percentage of audiences who added at least one item to their cart during the visit to the site.

  • RPV: Revenue Per Visit (RPV) displays the amount of revenue generated each time a customer visits the site.

  • VCR: View Conversion Rate (VCR) displays the conversions accomplished in a given time period by total number of customers who visited the site.

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