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Social Proof Getting Started Guide (New UI)

The Social Proof campaign offered by Àlgonomy Omnichannel Personalization is designed to assist customers in making informed purchase decisions and finding value in the products and services offered. By providing real-time data on the "popularity of the products," social proof messaging significantly influences customers, leading to improved conversion rates.

To utilize Social Proof effectively, it is essential to enable it on the client site. This involves loading the script client.js and exposing additional Omnichannel Personalization variables. Through the Social Proof API, event data such as the number of views and purchases for the products displayed on the client site page becomes readily available.

By employing social proofing, the client site can deliver real-time messaging to customers, empowering them to make well-informed decisions about their purchases. The dynamic display of real-time experiences, such as the number of customers currently viewing the product, items added to their cart, and recent purchases, creates a sense of urgency and trust, further enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

The Social Proof Getting Started Guide covers the following topics:


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