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13.17 Release (08/15/3013)


API Enhancements

Click Through URL available for seeded products in the myRecs API response

Benefit: For clients integrating myRecs, this will make it easier to link "seed" products from the shopper's history directly to their respective item page when a product title or image is clicked.

Implementation: N/A.

Availability: Automatically available.

Documentation: myRecs page update (seedProduct description).

Support for cts parameter

Currently our APIs (recsForPlacement, recsUsingStrategy, etc) do not support the click through server (cts) in the request. It uses the default cts value from the site config.

Benefit: When clients are integrating mobile web sites with our API, they can specify a MDot cts that clicks on recs will redirect to instead of the desktop (www).

Implementation: When cts is set, it will be used in click thru urls passed back from RichRelevance.

Availability: Available to clients that already have an on-site integration and/or clients adding a new mobile website using the Anywhere API.

Documentation: myRecs, recsForPlacement, recsUsingStrategy

Bug Fixes/Small UI Changes

  • Empty categories in the ICS UI are now hidden. For example, an apparel client will not see electronics categories.
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