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13.14 Release (07/08/2013)


NewArrivalsSiteWideTopSellers Strategy

This new strategy chooses site-wide top sellers (based on units sold in the last 30 days) among new arrivals. Similar to NewArrivalsinCategory, this strategy applies to the whole site, rather than certain categories or brands.

Benefit: New strategy to use if the merchant has good on-sale data.

Implementation: Enable in the dashboard.

Availability: Generally available.

Documentation: Recommendation Strategies


The geo-targeting option has been enhanced to include EU, Australia, and New Zealand data. Geographic data can also be imported and validated via the Import link.

Benefit: Expanded geo-targeting options to include a wide range of locations; users can easily import locations by DMA, region, city, or country.

Implementation: Automatically available in the RichPromo dashboard (Campaigns -> Targeting -> Geography)

Availability: Generally available, no set up required.

Documentation: RichPromo User Guide (Targeting - Geographic section) updated.

New geo options:

Targeting countries:


Non-US cities:

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