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13.10 Release (05/16/2013)

Automatic Email Trigger Capabilities

Note: This is a beta release of our new product.

Retailers invest in many resources (such as SEO, SEM, and email) to drive new and repeat shoppers to re-visit to their site. Because email content is not personalized to each shopper, emails are often not engaging enough for the shopper to click through and return to the site. Emails are sent to shoppers that may not have visited the site in a long time or to shoppers that haven't clicked or viewed products relating to what has been sent in the email. Additionally, the frequency at which emails are sent is also not optimal.

Benefit: RichRelevance solves these challenges by creating highly personalized recommendations to a targeted set of customers at the right time in their shopping journey. The RichRelevance system monitors shopper behavior and sends targeted emails that contain personalized recs and promotions based on events that happened on the retail site. These emails are not only are personalized to the user, but they also have a sense of immediacy that causes the shopper to engage with it. 

Merchants will be able to create campaigns through the RichRelevance dashboard. RichRelevance will send campaign information to the Email Service Provider (ESP) in a batch file.

Implementation: Client's side: Standard RichRecs instrumentation + providing the catalog feed (the feed must denote items that are considered new or on sale). The merchant must be able to create campaigns using the UI (found in the RichRelevance dashboard). Please consult with your RichRelevance contact if you are interested in learning more.

Availability: Beta



These new strategies are variants of NewArrivals and PropularProducts that restrict to either a brand or brand+category based on request context. 

Strategy Sample Message Description Instrumentation Page Types
BrandNewArrivals "New Arrivals In <Brand Name>" This strategy returns top-selling products among new arrivals in a given category. Item, Brand
BrandPopularProducts "Popular Products In <Brand Name>" This strategy returns the most popular products for the brand.

Item, Brand


Benefit: These strategies will improve the performance of Brand Top Seller strategies for sites that have category instrumentation.

Implementation: Generally available

Availability: All clients

Documentation: Recommendation Strategies

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