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13.04 Release (2/14/2013)


Note: This is a beta release of our new product.

Many clients, specifically brands, have created valuable content (marketing, educational information) to attract and empower customers to learn about and experience their products. With all of this content, brands aren't able to connect with shoppers on an individual basis to provide relevant content. 

Content Personalization addresses this problem by determining the right content to show each individual shopper, based on shopper behavior and information provided by the shopper. 

Who would benefit from this solution?

  • Brands, such as Nike, Adidas
  • Commerce, such as Travel, Finance
  • Media, such as ESPN, Yahoo

Merchandising Content

Clients can merchandise content and products based on user attributes (just like product attributes) through the Merchandising section of the RichRelevance dashboard. Examples of user attributes could be gender or age. A multi-valued attribute could be edgy or traditional for style.

Two new tabs: (one for Product, one for Content). The Content tab is only visible if this feature has been configured for your site.


For instructions on how to pass user attributes via instrumentation, please speak with your Client Services Engineer.


New Page Types - My Page and Brand Page

My Page is a page on the retailer's site that is about an individual shopper. We want to deliver relevant product recommendations and strategies when a shopper looks at their profile. For example, if there a page on the retailer's site that allows the shopper to give their profile information for various interests, this page would return recommendations based on these preferences. Utilizing a separate page type that's dedicated to that shopper will allow Ueber to show the right content and strategies.

Brand Page is a page on the retailer's site and is about specific brand.

Key benefits to having a separate page type for brand:

  • Ueber optimizes strategies based on the page type--so the strategies used on a brand page may be different from strategies used on other page types.  
  • Having a new page type solely dedicated to brand enables us to generate reports easily. We can view how the brand page performs and the performance of specific brands. Note: Reporting by brand will be in a future feature.

My Page Documentation

Brand Page Documentation

Flat File Feed Format for Content Capture

We built a flat file feed format that allows us to consume content information for our content personalization solution.



New Product Info API Call

This new API call returns detailed product information (name, price, brand, category, and other attributes) for requested product IDs.


userAttributes Added to API Calls

This provides attribute information specific to a user and their session via the API. This will be used with user-based attribute strategies and can be used with merchandising rules.


New Strategies

The following strategies are similar to the top sellers. The most popular products are based on traffic (the most viewed, clicked, and purchased).

Top Products (TopProducts)
Top Products by Category (Category Top Products)
Top Products by Brand (BrandTopProducts)
Top Products by User attribute Site wide (TopProductsByUserAttribute)
Top Products by User attribute by Category (TopProductsByUserAttributeAndCategory)



Shopper Profile - New Targeting Option

If the Shopper Profile feature is configured for the merchant, the Shopper Profile tab will appear as a targeting option within RichPromo targeting. Merchants will be able to target campaigns based on user attributes, such as eye color, hair color/type, or skin type.


Passing Segment Information

Previously, RichPromo only honored segment information from the feed and ignored segment IDs passed via instrumentation. With this release, both methods of passing segment IDs will be supported.



Retrieving Feeds from Client's FTP Server

If clients don't want to send feeds to our server, we can now retrieve catalog feeds from a client's FTP server. Please speak with your RichRelevance contact for more information.

Welcome to MindTouch!

Welcome to RichRelevance's new online help tool. Within this interface, you will be able to access online help and find the most up to date documentation for all of our products.

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