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14.17 Release Notes (Aug 28 2014)


View attributables on the dashboard home page. 

Get a quick overview of the value the {rr} personalization platform is delivering to your site. With a glance you can see the year-to-date attributables, average order value, and items per order. 


Configure your home page reports.

Increase your reports' lookback windows to up to 90 days, or change the default currency in the site health reports and page type performance reports. 


If your site supports multiple currencies, you'll see the selected currency next to the lookback period. When you change the settings, you'll be able to choose a currency here as well. 


Track your sales with the improved sales reports.

Configure the graph you see by choosing the date range and report type. Export the data to XLS or export the graph as an image. 



Anywhere API

Find child or sibling categories in the catalog with catalogInfo.

New catalogInfo API returns the child categories for a given category:

To find the siblings for a given category, use catalogInfo/siblings:
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