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14.14 Release Notes (7/21/2014)



Web Storage for Experimentation Information

The p13n.js now instructs the GUID, A/B, and MVT experimentation information to be saved in web storage. Customers who block or delete third-party cookies will no longer be lost from A/B or MVT treatments. This will help improve the reliability and accuracy of A/B tests and multivariate testing.

These changes are automatic and handled entirely by p13n—merchants don't need to make any changes to their site.  

All cookies set by RichRelevance in the customer's domain begin with "rr_". 

Simple Strategies Test

The RichRelevance On vs Off test includes a new third option, simple strategies, which uses only three basic kinds of recommendations:

  • Top-selling products for the site (determined solely by units sold)
  • Top-selling products for a category 
  • The most clicked, viewed, and purchased products on the site ("top products")

The simple strategies test can give you a sense of how your current configuration compares to minimal (not personalized) recommendations. 

To run a simple strategies test:


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