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14.10 Release Notes (05/20/2014)



API Wrapper 

The old PCS API now accesses RichSort functionality through the recsForPlacements API. Customers who use the old API will not need to change their API calls or expect different responses. 

RichSort MVT User Roles

If a user is enabled for MVT, all RichSort reports now appear in the Multivariate Tests page. Users can now view and edit RichSort tests as well as view RichSort reporting. (Documentation pending.)



Cart Abandonment Email Trigger

In order to increase cart abandonment conversion, our customers now have the ability to send a follow up cart abandonment email to shoppers. Cart abandonment uses the EchoProducts strategy to return items in the email from the abandoned cart. If there are no purchases, RichRelevance looks at last purchases and all of the cart view events to determine cart content.

  • Merchandising rules take precedence, so not all products in a cart will show in the email.

To learn more about cart abandonment campaigns, please review the RichConnect user guide and speak with your Client Services Engineer for requirements.

Abandon cart.png


Placements Page

Fixed a bug where if a user had edited a placement they could not delete it until committing the previous edit. (The bug and the fix apply to both the old dashboard and new dashboard.)

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