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Release Summary - Jan 29, 2024 (24.02)

The following key features and improvements, along with bug fixes, have been released in Algonomy products in the release version 24.02 during Jan 19, 2024 - Jan 29, 2024.

Enterprise Dashboard

Catalog Enrichment - Maintain filter after editing

In this release, we've improved the Catalog Enrichment experience by ensuring better workflow efficiency. This enhancement is particularly valuable for optimization managers who frequently modify attribute values.

Previously, users faced an issue where editing an attribute value led to the loss of active filters after a page refresh, disrupting the workflow. Now, we've solved this problem. Filters will remain in place when users sort and change attribute values, allowing the list to refresh with the filter still applied, showcasing immediate updates.

This update not only streamlines the editing process but also ensures filter criteria and sorting preferences are maintained upon page refresh.

Jira: ENG-27488

UI Enhancements to Content Catalog page

In this update, we've introduced significant UI enhanements to the Content Catalog to provide optimization managers with more precise controls for viewing and selecting contents. This improvement focuses on better management of contents available for specific tag combinations.

The enhancement includes the addition of Inclusion and Exclusion boxes on the page displaying selected tags. The Inclusion box is green, while the Exclusion box is red, allowing for easy differentiation. Tags can now be easily drag-and-dropped into each box, with a click adding a tag to the Inclusion box and their names displayed inline.

We have upgraded our system to improve the way it processes tags. Now, when multiple tags are added to a box, the system will use "OR" logic as the standard setting. However, users can easily switch to "AND" logic if necessary.

Jan 29 2024.png

Jira: ENG-27437

Recommend Categories through Server-side integration

We've updated our server-side integration to enable IT administrators to recommend categories more effectively on home pages, aiming to increase user engagement. This enhancement particularly addresses the challenge of recommending appropriate categories for products that belong to multiple categories.

The update includes an enriched recsForPlacement API response for products, now featuring Category ID, Category Name, Category Link URL, and Category Image URL. This ensures clear and relevant category associations for each product, enhancing the precision of recommendations.

For situations where category information is not directly available in the feed, the solution uses site configurations and external category IDs from the products to determine the correct category.

Jira: ENG-20865

Other Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements and upgrades have been made in the release version 24.02 during Jan 19, 2024 - Jan 29, 2024.

Jira #



General Availability



Data Engineering:

CXP Event Publisher

A new CXP event publisher has been introduced that process CXP Back-end Kafka messages and does transformation and pushes to RCDP via HTTP calls.

For the configured sites, the following events are pushed to RCDP from CXP:

  • Home page event

  • Search page event

  • Product page event

  • Search page event

  • category page event

  • ATC Event

  • Cart View event

  • Transaction Complete event





Publish cluster change event in Kafka

We've implemented an enhancement to publish cluster change events in Kafka. With this enhancement, the final payload reflecting any changes in the cluster configurations is automatically sent to a designated Kafka topic.





Write autocomplete API for user segments and user attributes

We've introduced an autocomplete API for user segments and attributes, enhancing the ease of use. This feature allows for prefix-based matching, ensuring that suggestions are relevant and specific. It distinguishes between user segments and attributes, providing autocomplete for segment names (including their IDs) and for both keys and values of attributes.





Production Marathon based on updates needed for log4j

We've completed an enhancement in our Production Marathon to address updates needed for log4j. This involved upgrading to catalog-request-status version 5.1.2 and vectormodel version 0.4.4. These updates ensure that our systems remain secure and efficient, in line with the latest log4j standards.


Bug and Support Fixes

The following issues have been fixed in the release version 24.02 during Jan 19, 2024 - Jan 29, 2024.




General Availability



Enterprise Dashboard:

Catalog Enrichment - sort does not work unless re-selected

We have addressed and resolved an issue in the Catalog Enrichment feature related to the sorting functionality. Previously, despite the UI indicating sorting by the number of products, the actual sorting did not occur as expected. Users had to manually re-select the sorting option for it to work correctly, especially when applying attribute filters or on initial page views.


Now, the sorting function works seamlessly from the start. The number of products is sorted in descending order by default. Additionally, if a user chooses to sort by attributes or attribute values, this sorting preference will be retained even after refreshing the page, up until the session times out.




Enterprise Dashboard:

Catalog Enrichment- If user edits attribute Name and Value at the same time, Value is not updating sometimes.

We have resolved a bug in the Catalog Enrichment process. There was an issue where editing both the attribute name and value simultaneously sometimes resulted in the value not updating correctly. This issue was observed across all three tabs in the Catalog Enrichment section.


Following the fix, users can now confidently edit both attribute names and values at the same time, and the changes will be accurately reflected upon refreshing the page.




Enterprise Dashboard:

[Optimization Level] -Should display Exploration Level as default, If user update the level to 5

We have fixed a display issue in the Optimization Level setting. Previously, when users updated the level to 5, it was not clearly indicated whether this was a user-set value or the default. Now, the system correctly displays '5' when set by the user and '(Default)' in parentheses if it reflects the default setting.




Enterprise Dashboard:

Search Field Content Catalog

We have fixed an issue in the search field functionality within the Content Catalog. Previously, the search function was automatically initiated after a few seconds of typing, without requiring the user to confirm their search term by pressing Enter.


Now, the search will only commence when the user presses Enter or clicks the search icon, aligning with common search field practices.




Enterprise Dashboard:

Handle homepage gracefully when ThoughtSpot is down

We have resolved an issue regarding the homepage's behavior during ThoughtSpot downtimes. Now, if ThoughtSpot is down, the portal will load the homepage and display a specific error message indicating the situation.






We have successfully addressed the UnrecognizedPropertyException issue encountered in Catalog Enrichment. This error typically occurred during rrserver operations and was primarily due to data inconsistencies in specific rules.

The solution implemented focuses on reducing the confusion caused by extensive exception logs during production deployments. Rather than displaying the full stack trace, we now log only the relevant information. This approach helps in identifying and ignoring improperly set up rules more efficiently.





Backward compatibility for passing multiple tags in tagFilter param

We've improved the tagFilter parameter to ensure backward compatibility when passing multiple tags. Previously, the method of separating multiple tags with a pipe symbol was not functioning correctly. Now, we've restored this functionality, allowing the pipe symbol to work interchangeably with the '&&' operator.





Data Science Workbench:

BYOS strategy not displaying recs

We have successfully addressed and resolved the issue where the BYOS strategy, specifically for ImageSimilarity, was not displaying recommendations. This problem, noted after the last update on December 1st, has been corrected. The strategy is now functioning as expected, visible in the Model Browser UI, and actively participating in MVTs, with views and clicks on recommendations restored to normal levels.





Font family 'TT Norms Regular' not supported

We have resolved the issue with the 'TT Norms Regular' font family not being supported in our email recommendations. Necessary changes have been made to ensure that this font is now fully compatible and can be used effectively in email content.


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