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Release Summary - Feb 22, 2024 (24.04)

The following key features and improvements, along with bug fixes, have been released in Algonomy products in the release version 24.04 during Feb 09, 2024 - Feb 22, 2024.

Data Engineering

Co-occurrence Report - For All Categories

Co-occurrence Report has been enhanced to now include all categories, not just primary ones, addressing the needs of Digital Optimization Managers. This update removes the previous limitation requiring the setup of primary categories to use the report, a restriction that prevented many clients from leveraging co-occurrence insights fully.

This enhancement allows for a more comprehensive analysis across the entire category spectrum. We also assessed the impact on rollup run time and data volume to ensure the expanded scope does not compromise efficiency.

Release Summary Feb 22 2024.png

Jira: ENG-26941

Enterprise Dashboard

Catalog Enrichment - Add number of products to the filter list as a column and sort order

A significant enhancement to Catalog Enrichment now features a column in the filter list showcasing the number of products associated with each attribute, enabling optimization managers to sort attributes by product count. This approach facilitates a strategic review of attributes based on their coverage.

By aggregating the total number of products for each attribute value, this column offers a comprehensive overview of attribute relevance across the catalog. This improvement facilitates prioritization, allowing users to easily identify and focus on the attributes with the greatest impact on coverage.

Jira: ENG-27489

Other Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements and upgrades have been made in the release version 24.04 during Feb 09, 2024 - Feb 22, 2024.


Jira #



General Availability



Data Engineering:

Calculation changes in merch prod by placement report to handle sites with multiple currencies

We have refined the calculation process for the merch_prod_by_placement report to ensure consistency with sites that operate in multiple currencies. Previously, discrepancies arose because this report used the visit's currency, while the merch_prod report based its calculations on the view's currency. By aligning the merch_prod_by_placement report to also use the view's currency, We have achieved uniformity in metrics across reports, enhancing accuracy for sites with multiple currencies.





Substring search support

Substring search support has now been added, enabling more detailed searches within specific fields. To safeguard against performance issues, restrictions on the minimum and maximum number of letters for each word have been set. This feature is opt-in and requires explicit activation for each field via catalog properties, ensuring targeted and efficient use. For example, the search_mfg_part_number field can be configured to allow a defined range of substring lengths for model number searches.




Data Engineering:

Termination of Data load for AWS Clients to Thoughtspot Production

We have advanced our migration to Thoughtspot Cloud, with most sites now operating in the cloud. To optimize our infrastructure and reduce the load on on-premises Thoughtspot instances, we're ceasing data loads for non-AWS clients. This ensures that new sites default to TS Cloud, aligning with our cloud-first strategy.




Feed Processing:

Support enrichment catalog sync for XML Feeds

We have enhanced our system to support synchronization of enrichment data with catalogs for clients using XML feeds. This feature, controlled by site configuration, allows seamless integration of enrichment data, enhancing catalog content. In cases where attribute names conflict between the catalog and enrichment data, catalog attributes are prioritized.


Bug and Support Fixes

The following issues have been fixed in the release version 24.04 during Feb 09, 2024 - Feb 22, 2024.




General Availability



Composite Outfit, Enterprise Dashboard:

Composite Outfit - Not able to View Partial Outfits in Portal

We have resolved a bug affecting the Composite Outfit feature, where users were unable to view partial outfits in the portal. After identifying and correcting the problem, partial outfits now load correctly for review.




Data Reporting:

Dynamic Experiences reports show 0 for all downstream click metric

resulting in zeros across metrics such as Click Conversion Rate, Click Revenue Per Visit, Click Converted Visits, and Click Sales. Despite accurate counts in basic Click metrics, these specific downstream metrics were not reflecting the true performance within reports for experiences like Guided Selling Demo and Item Bundle.




Adv_Merch build is failing

The Adv_Merch build failure issue has been resolved. Initially, the build encountered a dependency resolution error due to the absence of com.richrelevance.core:rrModel:jar:6.7.1 in rr-public. Updating the Dashboard to the 8.x series fixed this issue by correctly resolving the rrModel dependency.




UPS, UPS Reader:

Record Email product views in UPS

The issue of not capturing product views from email recommendations in the User Profile Service (UPS) has been resolved. Now, when a customer views a product recommended via email, this interaction is recorded in UPS against the user ID by channel, enhancing the ability to recommend diverse products based on user history. For the initial phase, UPS will exclusively track product views originating from email campaigns, disregarding interactions from other channels.




Find, Streaming Catalog:

Address enrichment attributes in NCA before storing and processing enrichement related data

We have resolved an issue in the NCA where data related to enrichment was being stored in the catalog database, even when marked as "storable": false in catalogSettings. The system now properly checks this flag before storing any enrichment-related data, ensuring that only data permitted for storage is kept in the catalog database.




Streaming Catalog:

Streaming-view store - GET product requests return 500 with NullPointerException

We have addressed a critical issue in the streaming-view store where GET requests for products were returning a 500 error due to a NullPointerException. This problem was encountered when attempting to access a product that does not exist, with the issue specifically linked to the ?responseStyle=ingestable parameter in the request URL.

The system has been updated to handle such scenarios gracefully, ensuring that requests for non-existent products without the responseStyle=ingestable parameter now correctly return "null" instead of causing an error.


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