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Release Summary - June 2022

The following key features and improvements have been released in the Algonomy products during the month of June 2022.


Recently purchased products by a user can be eliminated from new recommendations

Products that are recently purchased from different categories by a user can now be eliminated from the new recommendations that are sent out to the user.

You can select the option ‘Filter Products Already Purchased’ and then select certain categories of products if the user has already purchased a product in a category in the last x days that product will not be included in the fresh recommendation. The feature can be enabled through Recommendation Restrictions under Recommendations.  




Changed the streaming Chinese language to support batch Find

Earlier, the traditional Chinese language was supported for batch Find, now the streaming Chinese language can supports both streaming and batch Find.


Find now supports the Korean language

Find has been now upgraded to support Korean language. From Site Configurations in Admin module users can type “Ko” to enable Korean language localization.



Added ‘fast track’ for assortments

Users will now be able to submit the assortment from a live admin session on request and have it reflected in the Find response.

After validation, the assortment gets ingested and indexed for the actual Find requests.


Enabled ‘snapshot aware’ Find requests

Enabled ‘snapshot aware’ Find requests that allow the clients to verify requests to a Solr collections associated to a complete snapshot, before activating the snapshot. 

By default, Find sends requests to the Solr collection associated to the active snapshot.  A new Find parameter ‘snapshot’ has been introduced to control Solr collection querying.

Streaming Catalog

Replace streaming catalog legacy adopter to native adapter

The new streaming native catalog adaptor has replaced the existing legacy catalog adaptor.  Both performance and reliability will be improved.  The source name in the status service has been changed to ‘streaming-consumer-native-catalog’.

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