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22.13 Release Notes (Mar-31, 2022 Release)

The following new features, improvements and bug fixes have been made in the Algonomy products in March, for the week 13, 2022.

Enterprise Dashboard


Title: Segments to display their names along with current and historical differentiator

Summary:  Segments have been updated to display segment names along with current and historical differentiator.

If the client selects “Historical Segments” checkbox, then the segments will include historical segments too. If the client clears “Historical Segments” checkbox, then the historical segments will be displayed in a separate Historical Segments tab.


Customer Facing: Yes


Data Engineering


Title: Trigger Datadog alert when MVT-API doesn’t respond

Summary: System will now send a Datadog alert when health check for MVT-API fails, the failure may happen when the MVT-API does not respond.


Customer Facing: Yes

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