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Release Summary - February 2021


The Best Offers model has been extended to use regional attributes. The Best Offers model is used to include only those products that you want to recommend for a new promotion. Products are identified to be included if they include the specified attribute or attribute and value. This enhancement enables the Best Offers model to find the attributes by region. For example, you may have products that are part of a promotion for California but not for Nevada. In this case, the attribute or attribute and value is provided for the California region and not the Nevada region. The Best Offers model automatically detects the values for the base product or within regional data provided and will return products for users when matching region data where applicable. The attribute or attribute and value are specified on the model options page. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 7.41.34 AM.png

An enhancement to Configurable Strategies was added to the View Results page to better guide the user on what to enter based upon the strategy composition. For example, if the strategy includes a product context as a seed, then the View Results page will require an entry of a product id, instead of providing all options for each strategy.

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 8.00.29 AM.png

An issue has been fixed for abandon browse when using a price condition in your segment. The condition now matches on products that meet the price condition. 

Streaming Catalog API

New features have been added to the streaming catalog API:

  1. Demarcate ingestion batch and scoped action with boundary marker - This feature provides status information on the progress of a payload.  For each streaming service, it will provide the number of batches processed and if it is finished.  The only service not included is the find indexing service.  This feature is very useful to find out if the streaming-consumer-legacy-catalog has completed processing a payload. 
  2. New scoped action that will allow legacy catalog sync for a specific property - This scoped action for the legacy catalog will ensure that the one or more attributes in the legacy catalog match the view store for a specific snapshot. It only updates one or more attributes in the legacy catalog. 


With client-side integration, cookies when dropped now have an expiration of 1 year to adhere to the latest regulations.  

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