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Release Summary - September 2021


The dashboard has been re-branded with the Algonomy logo, colors, and fonts.

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Host name validation for URL redirects has been added to prevent any changes to click URLs. If you have a case where click URLs are being dynamically changed to redirect users off of your site, you can add a host name white list that will be used by Recommend and Engage to prevent invalid click URLs from being generated. 

You can now apply category diversity when you select a fixed category seed option with Configurable Strategies. If you select a high level category, the resulting recommendations will be diversified by sub-category. 

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Updates to segment export have been added to the audit log to better track changes that have been made. 

MVT Analytics

A download option is now available to download the visit data that summarizes each visit in the test, including identifying the treatment, purchase data, eligibility, and outliers. With the visit data you can calculate or confirm the provided confidence levels. More data export options will be provided in the future. 

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Social Proof Messaging

With Social Proof Messaging you can setup an On/Off test to determine the impact that including Social Proof Messaging is having on your site. It’s easy to setup an On/Off test using a new option available with a site config test. You can set up treatments for enabling or disabling the Social Proof Messaging API config setting and the test will randomly toggle the setting for visitors while capturing the resulting visit data. 

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You can now export your search term expansions into excel to review with other internal employees. An option is now provided to export the entire table to excel. Look for an import option coming in the future. 

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