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18.12 Release Notes (4/5/18 Release)


Bug Fixes

Issue: Strategy message translation existed even after removal. 
Fix: The issue was that updates to the strategy messages were made if the code determined that there is a difference/delta between the new set of strategy messages and the old set of strategy messages. However the code wasn't treating deletion of a strategy message as a delta. The Code was changed to reflect that. 



SearchService returns facets in the same order that they are provided in the request 
Summary: A change has been made in the way the facets are processed in order to keep the same order as provided in the request .

Out of the box Latvian support 
Summary: Special terms processing for Latvian indexes are now using specific processors like a Latvian stemmer 


Bug Fixes

Issue: Recommend Boost rules were ignored for Discover, as an attempt to resolve an intermittent issue. 
Fix: Recommend Boost rules are now considered by Discover. 

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