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18.15 Release Notes (4/26/18 Release)


Bug Fixes

Issue: for all SSL calls we are returning click urls as http instead of https 
Fix: fixed the bug introduced a while back 

Issue: The strategySet parameter is not being used when the customer has preferred strategies configured for a placement. The correct behavior for that parameter is to choose one strategy of the strategy family obtained from the value of the parameter instead of the preferred strategies. 
Fix:If 'strategySet' parameter is present, then strategies defined in it will have priority over preferred strategies configured in the strategy rule. To do that, we fixed a condition which evaluated if there were forced strategies (the ones defined by strategySet parameter). 



Support Regional and localized custom Attributes 
Summary: Update the full index builder to support the regional and localized custom Attribute, the attribute can be region localized or language localized but not both. 

Polish Support for links, boosts and merch rules 
Summary: Polish synonyms are only applied over the expected fields, instead of applying them in all the field types, so the synonymWeight works again. 
This forces synonyms to use the proper encoding in all the languages

Bug Fixes

Issue: Filter is not working in find search requests by 
Fix: encode the filter name and the tag param if they have spaces and in all cases. 



Front end support for Engage rule labels 
Summary: For clients that have a large number of content rules, it can be difficult to search, control and debug those rules.  With this release, it is now possible to add labels (such as keywords) to the rules so that these labels will be searchable once Advanced Rule Filtering is implemented. 

Bug Fixes

Issue: rrServer does not return any content for generic json layouts 
1) Fixed issues with Content Generic JSON layout 
2) Content qualifications for Content Layouts are not neccessary anymore 
3) Fixed issue with "excludeHtml" parameter for "personalize" request 
4) Added option for generic json layout creation 

Issue: for all SSL calls we are returning click urls as http instead of https 
Fix: A bug was introduced in a previous release. That bug has been fixed. 

Issue: There are two rendering bugs with 'Content qualifications' button on the 'Layout Editor' page: the tooltip buttons got pushed down and there is needed to be a tooltip to explain what this feature is. 
Fix: Fixed tooltip buttons layout and added tooltip for 'Content qualifications' button. 

Issue: In Engage segments editor, when user selected default values for a timeframe ("from 00:00 AM to 00:00 AM"), it was replaced with "any time" message, but it was actually the "never" condition. 
Fix: Default values are changed to "from 00:01 AM to 11:59 PM" and match any time of day. 

Issue: The 'Content qualifications' button on the 'Layout Editor' page in the global mode causes error on saving. 
Fix: Removed this button from the global mode. 

Issue: There are two rendering bugs with 'Content qualifications' button on the 'Layout Editor' page: button should have padding and notification after saving. 
Fix: Added padding and notification after saving. 



Replenishment In Category Strategy 
Summary: New strategy that filters products by category. Strategy name is ReplenishmentInCategory. Works in the same way that the existing Personalized Replenishment strategy works, this one simply filters the results to only show recommendations in the desired category. 


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