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18.24 Release Notes (6/28/18 Release)


Bug Fixes

Issue: No End Date becomes unchecked when reloading the page even though you checked it 
Fix: On page load, we're now checking if the API has null saved as end date, if so, we then check the "no end date" checkbox 



Delete unused Engage rule labels automatically 
Summary: Delete unused labels 
Detail: Delete unused labels from database to so they are not shown to the user when adding or removing label in an Engage rule

Total Content frequency 
Summary: Total content frequency allows users to define how many times overall content can be presented to users. 
Detail: By default, the max number of views is not limited. Content with max number of views exceeded will not be shown to users unless there is no other eligible content. In that case the max content views filter will be ignored. 

Bug Fixes

Issue: Parameter for spoofing timestamp was not passing from page URL to p13n generated request 
Fix: Added js-code to p13n in order to parse parameter rEnv_requestT in the current page URL and pass it to p13n generated request 

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