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17.15 Release Notes


Bug Fixes

Issue: Make the advmerch/api/rules accessible to rrPortal.
Fix: The new api has been added in rrPortal and is providing the rules information.



Enable Russian and Japanese language support, including out of the box stemming support. Verified that these features work when
the appropriate language is specified in the Find solr model.  Further work is required to improve upon these out of the box capabilities.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Inch abbreviation " was not escaped, leading to premature closing of quoted string
Fix: Add escaped \" where necessary throughout the Find system.

Issue: Link rules became unavailable when applied to regions
Fix: Disable regional filtering for link and boost rules.

Issue: Find reports were not showing up for all clients, due to timeouts
Fix: Update the underlying data store to prevent timeouts

Issue: A $ sign in a facet value was interpreted as a special character and failed.
Fix: Only decode facetNames, leaving facetValues as-is

Issue: Overlay was dropping the , in Canadian decimals and incorrectly displaying ratings facet name
Fix: Update the overlay to display these correctly.

Issue: Search term expansions treated some words as plural when they were not (xmas -> xma, christmas -> christmas)
Fix: Adjust the search term expansion to account for these cases.


Bug Fixes

Issue: pageCount included duplicates in the output
Fix: Rework the duplicate removal code, and bypass a Recs-only post processing step for Discover

Issue: Personalization was dropped for product, brand and category
Fix: Adjust the internal processing to separate Find from Discover attribute handling

Issue: NPE building personalized query field, preventing requests from processing
Fix: Put a null check around a missing cache entry

Issue: Category sort is not working with Html-encoded category names in a filter
Fix: Adjust the filter to ignore characters within quotes when processing filters

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