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17.13 Release Notes



Allow recommended products to be filtered based on the seed product short name.

Basic Functional Difference - Recommended products can be filtered if the seed product and the recommended product have the same short name.

Note:  For this feature to be active, both site configuration "use short name deduping" and the new site configuration "use_seed_product_short_name_deduping" must be enabled.


Bug Fixes

Issue: In MVT Reporting, the "Add Dimension Filter" drop down offers the options "Category Tier 1," "Category Tier 1 and 2" and "Category 1, 2 and 3" yet all categories are displayed irrespective of the tier chosen.
Fix: The getCatalogInfo api has been modified to take into account the depth passed and format the json response accordingly. Now the json contains the child categories only till the level matching the depth.


Bug Fixes

Issue: When a user viewed or purchased a product that was configured to add attribute affinities, the attribute names were supplied in the Discover format and not the Find format, causing a error on the request.
Fix: Supply the attribute names in the Find format for a Find request, and the Discover format for a Discover request.



Discover is used to enhance the sorting capability of Endeca browse experience. Due to Endeca limitations, all products in a category are loaded at the start of the user request. This requires all Discover products in a category to be loaded in single Discover call. However, Discover performs personalization on a page level. This feature allows the calling code to request multiple pages of Discover results with a single call, using the 'pageCount' parameter.  Default value for this parameter is 1, which is the current behavior.

Bug Fixes

Issue: Second set of filterAtr is not being applied.
Fix: Updated code to apply all filterAtr parameters by updating how we parse the filterAtr value.

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