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17.11 Release Notes



Bug Fixes

Issue: In MVT Reporting, the "Add Dimension Filter" drop down offers the options "Category Tier 1," "Category Tier 1 and 2" and "Category 1, 2 and 3" yet all categories are displayed irrespective of the tier chosen.
Fix: Depending upon the tier (depth) passed through the UI, the json response is being formatted to display only the desired tier categories.



Issue: Attributes that are removed from a feed still appear in the search attributes configuration.
Fix: Add the ability to display the feed status for an attribute, and provide a way to remove that configuration.

Issue: A customer on TAS 1.0 needs to migrate to Find Autocomplete, but needs region support to do so.
Fix: Add region support to Find Autocomplete.

Bug Fixes

Issue: For overlay views, logging is not done, which prevents us from capturing rule ids.
Fix: Add findCallType parameter to find/search API, in addition the the 'log' parameter.

Issue: Burberry catalog names include a special character that prevents category facets from working
Fix: Updated the search service to handle the special character.



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