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17.08 Release Notes


New/revised features

Feature: Develop Region Enablement - calculate the global rank for a specific region

Summary: In order to facilitate ranking on a regional scale, rather than just a global scale, we developed a calculation for specific regions. This allows retailers to determine whether a product's popularity is affected by regional differences.  As an example, a pair of jeans that is a retailer's number one ranked clothing item in Dallas, Texas might only rank at number 50 in clothing in Los Angeles.  

This feature is enabled in the RichRelevance dashboard by navigating to Strategies > Browse Configuration. Click on Toggle advanced settings and click on Region Specific Rank.


Bug Fixes

Update: Number of TypeAhead terms returned to 11

Update: We applied the SQL inserts into production and enabled 11 terms per typeahead call. Models were rebuilt after the database update.


New/revised features

Feature: Prioritize searched term ahead of synonyms, and to provide alternative words to a set of synonyms

Summary: We have extended the existing 'equivalent' synonyms to prioritize the searched term over other equivalent terms. The searchConfig property 'synonymWeight' provides the fraction used to separate the searched term from the other equivalent terms.  In addition, we have added the option to supply 'alternative' search terms for a given set of equivalent terms.  When any of the equivalent terms are queried, the alternatives are used in addition to the equivalents, with alternative weights reduced by the synonymWeight factor. A match in alternatives does not result in a search for equivalents, so we are able to support directional synonyms.

search equivalents & alternatives.png

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