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16.14 Release Notes

What’s new in 16.14


  • Renamed Swiss market database for CNET and updated the language tag to pull compatibility data for the market.
  • Multi language support for Strategies management
  • Multi language support for Find integration js
  • Region support for Advanced Merchandising
  • SKU attribute on Strategy Rules
  • "Smart" quotes escaped correctly in Rec responses
  • JSONP callback for error calls
  • The "No Start Date" option for setting the Start Date for a Content in the Content Detail page now assigns the current date by default.
  • BYOS strategies will no longer filter the seed product out of a result set if it is contained therein.
  • BYOS/BYOA scheduling restored

Advanced Merchandising 


Data for the new market created for MElectronics was not populating because the CNET datasource database had a suffix different than was original request. And that market is associated with a language tag, originally CH but changed to DE to pull the CNET data correctly.



Strategies page will now allow strategy hint editing for all languages and has region enablement. We will further work on the page for easy one-language overview.

Small Changes/Additions

  • Tweaking of MVT flippers and unqualified display
  • Show more detail for MVT revenues
  • Hiding User segments in Engage Rules
  • Disallow periods in placement names
  • Add un-translated placement name back to placement list


  • Inconsistent Content Preview for Engage
  • Use correct currency on home page graphs
  • Strategies enablement
  • Strategy info on Catalog browser
  • MVT Channel filter display



  • The alternate right quote will now by replaced with the appropriate HTML entity instead of with a plain apostrophe.
  • On API calls that experienced an error, the response will be wrapped in a JSONP callback if one was provided.  



Content is considered currently active if "No Start Date" is selected and the End Date is in the future. With this change, the content is explicitly assigned the current date as start date.  


Bug Fixes 

  • The Seed Filter for has been removed from the execution of  Manual (BYOS) Strategies, allowing the seed product to be included in the result set where valid.
  • Restored the working job scheduling mechanism after discovering the scheduler was failing due to unapproved code. The scheduler should now work for all Strategies/APIs created after the release.  Investigation is ongoing for existing scheduled items.
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