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Mobile SDK

Why use the SDK?


  • Full reporting via the Relevance Cloud dashboard
  • Intelligent adjustment of data models based on user behavior
  • Merchandising rule support


Just like you use our JavaScript Library for your desktop web implementation, The RichRelevance SDK is the only supported integration method for native mobile apps. It is available to new and existing customers to make native mobile implementations straightforward and reliable, providing a quick, cost effective way to build personalization in your iOS and Android app:

  • Provides convenience methods for the most common tracking actions, so that your integration can be reduced to one or two lines of code in the most simple scenarios
  • Makes development and debugging easier by including error messaging and guidance when your code sends invalid values, or when required parameters are missing
  • Provides efficient bandwidth management: requests towards RichRelevance are queued and sent only when enough bandwidth is available, prioritizing your app's network activity
  • Executes requests in the appropriate thread, prioritizing your app's performances
  • Provides clear entry points for our products
  • Includes IDE autocompletion and class reference (in addition to the integration guides in this section)


Our SDKs are now open source. Please find usage instructions at the github pages above/below.



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