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Integration: Opt-out Pages

You can use this sample JavaScript to create an opt-out page, which gives your site’s visitors the opportunity to opt out of all Algonomy cookies for your site. 

Download the JavaScript sample code here:

Opt Out Pages

European Union law and many national regulations require opt-out availability for all websites that use cookies.

If you’re doing business in the EU, the odds are your site already has an opt-out mechanism available to visitors. Including this code with your site’s opt-out mechanism will handle all Algonomy cookies for you.

Technical Teams: What’s in the JavaScript?

RR.setOptOut: This function sets the opt-out status for the user, making a request to the Algonomy opt-out servlet and persisting the opt-out setting in the client-side cookie. You’ll need to pass the site API key and a Boolean value (distinguishing between opt-out and opt-in). 

Also Included: Optional cookie management and JSONP frameworks, in case you’re not using frameworks that manage and cookies and JSONP.   

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