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Guided Selling Getting Started Guide (New UI)

Guided Selling, a prominent feature within Omnichannel Personalization, revolutionizes the customer purchasing journey by prompting shoppers to answer a set of questions and offering personalized recommendations. By harnessing the power of AI, Guided Selling combines explicit data provided by the shopper with implicit data gathered by the shopper’s behaviors to provide personalized recommendations that guide consumers towards making informed purchasing decisions. This approach streamlines the buying process, improves conversion rates, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Guided Selling

  • Tailored Solutions: Guided Selling employs interactive questionnaires that assist online customers in defining their needs, even for complex and technical solutions. The input collected acts as the foundation for generating personalized recommendations that precisely meet their requirements.

  • Data-driven Reasoning: Guided Selling presents buyers with a curated selection of options accompanied by data-driven reasoning. Customers gain a clear understanding of why each recommended option is suitable for them, instilling confidence and facilitating decision-making.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: By actively guiding customers through the buying process, Guided Selling helps merchandisers gain a deep understanding of their refined needs. This enables merchandisers to deliver a compelling buying experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Simplified Knowledge Management: Guided Selling streamlines and automates the maintenance and deployment of knowledge necessary for analyzing customer needs, defining solutions, and generating customized proposals. This system ensures that merchandisers possess comprehensive insights into customer requirements, enabling them to recommend products effectively and provide persuasive buying arguments.

Sample Use Case

Enhancing the Ski Equipment Buying Experience

An online sporting goods retailer seeks to optimize the customer journey for purchasing ski equipment using Guided Selling. Through interactive questionnaires, the retailer collects information about the customer’s skill level, brand preferences, and budget.

Guided Selling then generates personalized recommendations for ski packages, including skis, boots, bindings, and poles that perfectly match the customer’s needs. Additionally, guided selling can also be customized to access the relevant articles, videos, and expert reviews to assist in the decision-making process.

Through Guided Selling, the retailer enhances the customer's shopping experience by providing tailored options and resources. This approach saves time and effort for the customer, ensuring they receive ski equipment that aligns with their skill level, preferences, and budget. The result is a seamless and personalized buying experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty . Merchandisers can save the shopper’s answers to UPS where they can use this information for personalizing recommendations in the journey. For example, if merchandisers want to log the shopper’s skill level, then they can boost products based on skill level.

Incorporating Guided Selling into the online retail environment opens opportunities for businesses to create engaging customer experiences, empower shoppers to make confident and well-informed purchase decisions, and ultimately drive success in the competitive market landscape.

The Guided Selling - Getting Started Guide (New UI) covers the following topics:

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