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Getting Started with Ensemble AI

Ensemble AI is a revolutionary merchandising tool that leverages artificial intelligence and data insights to personalize the shopping experience for online retailers. It empowers merchandisers to create and present curated outfits and product collections, saving shoppers time and enhancing their buying journey.

Ensemble AI empowers merchandisers to effortlessly create stunning outfits, product collections, or recommended bundles.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, we analyze shopping behavior and employ complementary color detection to automatically generate and rank each ensemble.


Key Features

AI-powered outfit recommendations: Automatically generate and rank matching outfits based on shopping behavior, complementary colors, and user preferences.

Personalized shopping experience: Shoppers can discover curated looks that seamlessly match their chosen item, recently viewed products, or general style preferences.

Efficient merchandising: Merchandisers easily define styles, filter products, and generate outfits with minimal effort, saving time and resources.

Data-driven insights: Track engagement, orders, and add-on sales to identify the most successful styles and optimize product recommendations.

Versatility: Works with both outfits and general product collections, applicable to all retail verticals.

Application Use Cases

  • Fashion apparel and accessories

  • Home decor and furniture

  • Jewelry

  • Sporting goods and equipment

  • Electronics

  • Beauty

  • Any industry with product collections

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