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NLP Configuration for Catalog Enrichment

NLP Configuration provides easier ways to set attributes ‘Descriptions’. Using NLP configuration, you can configure the description to be used from an attribute that already exist in the Product Catalog.

To enable NLP and Use Description in Catalog Enrichment:

1.     Click . 

You can enable the description using the following ways.

  • Enable NLP strategies
  • Using separate description file
  • Product catalog attribute contains description

Enable NLP Strategies

In this method, descriptions are derived from the Products Catalog’ "description" field. To do this:

2.     Click Enable NLP Strategies.

Using Separate Description File

In this method, you can provide attributes and values directly in a CSV file for Catalog Enrichment and save it to the system to make it available in the Accepted tab in the Catalog Enrichment page. To do this:

3.      Select Separate Description File.


Three additional options are enabled:

  • File Directory
  • File Name Format
  • File Delimiter

3.1.   In the File Directory enter the path of the file.

3.2.   In the File Name Format enter the format of the file using wildcards for the date. For example, NLPDescriptions*.csv.

3.3.   In the File Delimiter select the delimiters that you used in the CSV file such as “|” “;” “,” or “CtrlA”.

3.4.   Click Save.

After you save, it is available in the Accepted tab in the Catalog Enrichment page.

Product Catalog Attribute Contains Description

In this method, you can use the description from an existing attribute with description from the Product Catalog so that you don’t have to load a separate feed file.

To do this:

4.      Select Product catalog attribute contains description.

The Enter product attribute name for the description option is enabled. The attributes with description will be available in this drop down.

5.      Click in the Enter product attribute name for the description box to select the attributes.


6.      Click save.

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